For Peace and Unity

AHM Foundation


Our Mission Statement:

AHM Foundation will honor Abdel Hadi Hussein Metwally, an Egyptian immigrant, business man, and humble devotee who helped so many people with his teachings of peace, unity, and understanding. The foundation will promote these teachings through travel and education opportunities.

Our Vision:

  • To respect and understand all religions.
  • To spread peace, unity, and understanding through interfaith forums.
  • To promote understanding of Islam as a peaceful religion.
  • To establish an education scholarship for immigrants who are striving to help humanity though honest business.
  • To spread Mr. Metwally's message of honesty and love through his books: Be Honest, Amenah, Kefayah

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Our Goals

  • Help promote peace and unity amongst religions - spread knowledge and understanding and similarities of the 3 Abrahamic Faiths through forums, interfaith activities, and support of Mosques, Churches and Synagogues.
  • Establish exchange and cultural programs with teachers, students, schools and government agencies from USA and Egypt. Seek host families in both countries. Spread education and culture. Teach ESL and Arabic classes.
  • Continue to promote Egypt "Mother of the World" as a destination that everyone should attempt to visit in their lifetime. Work with tour guides and companies in Egypt to custom design itineraries to visit Cairo, Aswan and Luxor in addition to Alexandria and the resorts on the Red Sea like Hurghada and Sharm El Sheik.

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The book "Be Honest To Succeed" is now available on Amazon! Get your copy today!

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Starting in December we will be accepting applications for our education scholarship. Check back soon for more information and please help us reach our goals with your generous and kind donations.



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We here at the AHM Foundation would like to continue and honor Mr. Metwally's work by helping to spread his teachings as well as his practice of helping others. Through donations to our scholarship fund in conjunction with the Stamford Islamic Center, we strive to provide educational assistance for people to further their education here in the United States.
Donations are humbly accepted online on our website on our donations page.